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New Progressive Rock Album – ‘David the Elder’ By The Anselmo Project

David the Elder - Progressive Rock Album by The Anselmo Project

The Anselmo Project the side solo effort of Picasso’s Dream keyboardist Anthony (Picasso) S. Anselmo has announced the long awaited Progressive Rock album called David the Elder to be released Dec 1st along with final single ‘A Whisper.’

A Whisper features vocals from the talented Dee Jazzaz based out of New Zealand. The song is part of a story of which is revealed on the David the Elder record. 

The amazing Francesco Mega returns for Acoustic with Dave Mahler providing the thundering Bass. 


The Progressive Rock Story

The Progressive Rock concept album is based upon a story from Anthony’s long-time partner Daniel Noland. Featuring numerous talented individuals from around the world, the album paints a story of a lone man, trapped in a mysterious world and the strange events that occur around him. Taking over five years to construct and complete, the album it is an epic ProgRock masterpiece. 

Mastered by a team of talented Award Winning Producers and clocking in just under eighty minutes. The album is huge behemoth to delight any progressive rock listeners ears. 

“Daniel had this amazing story he had written that he hopes to turn in a series of books one-day. In the meantime, I quickly realized this could become an amazing concept album” says Anselmo. “It has been a long ride but I’m very proud of everyone’s efforts to help bring this vision to its full completion.”

Starring on the album is Louis A. Marchena as David the Elder, Cam Stark as The Boy, Dee Jazzaz as The Lady of Light, and David Merriman as The Internal Voice. 

The album also features guest appearances from Matthew Kerschner (Gravity, Lux Terminus), Haraold Kay (Anselmo/VanderMaas), Stephen Jones (Blue August), Brian Randolph (Picasso’s Dream), Max Bigalow (Picasso’s Dream), Alex Lazcano (Lazleitt), Alex Furst (Fade To Oblivion), Zahn Krava (Downright Nasties), Paul Budzynski (Downright Nasties) and many more special guest stars. 

Artwork for the album is done by the talented Jason Bascom.

David the Elder will be available via the bandcamp page Dec 1st and soon on all music platforms. More information can be found at AnthonyAnselmo.com.

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Progressive Rock News – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches new Single ‘Notion’

Picasso's Dream - Notion

Columbus Ohio – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group releases new single featuring vocalist J.D. Freeman.

Picasso’s Dream has released their new single Notion, their first vocal song featuring guest artist J.D. Freeman from the well known act Blend. 

Notion also welcomes on lead guitar fellow friend Jay Ott. Jay Ott and Anthony S. Anselmo were both involved in the highly successful and award winning Blue August Progressive Rock band. 

Progressive Rock – Now with Vocals!

“Jay had a song he had written years ago with a specific keyboard part. I loved it the moment I heard it, very Rush like. We just had to make this song a reality!” says Keyboardist and Anthony S. Anselmo.

A song of this magnitude required a magnificent voice, so the band tapped local vocalist JD Freeman from the Columbus Indie-band Blend to help. Anselmo had been working with Blend adding some keys to  their upcoming album.

“J.D.’s golden voice was perfect for helping to bring the lyrics to life,” says Jay Ott. “He really studied the song and the day he came in he knocked it out of the park.”

Also included on the track are Picasso’s Dream regulars Max Bigalow on Bass and Vincent Simon on Drums. The song was recorded and produced by the legendary Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Recording Studios in Central Ohio.

For more information check out www.PicassosDream.com or the band’s bandcamp page PicassosDream.BandCamp.com to download the single. The single will available also on all streaming platforms as well (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc…)

Progressive Rock News – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches their new single ‘Unstoppable Force’.

Picasso's Dream - Unstoppable Force - Progressive Rock Single

(Columbus OH) – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches their new single for Unstoppable Force. Unstoppable Force features both newcomer Chris Bianchi on Guitar and Tony Kertis on Sax.

Unstoppable Force is the first in the upcoming second featured album from Picasso’s Dream currently wrapping up production. The album features Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigalow on Bass and founded member Anthony S. Anselmo on keyboards.

Full Progressive Rock Steam Ahead!

Produced and recorded at Blue Moon Studios in Central Ohio, Picasso’s Dream second album will feature an array of new instrumental tracks as well as vocals from various members and guests.

“We basically set out what we wanted to accomplish in the first album,” says keyboardist Anthony S. Anselmo. “We discovered a lot of our talented members could sing so we had to start incorporating this into our music as well.”

“The new album features the increased complexity of the group as a whole.” says bassist Max Bigalow. “It was an ultimate pleasure making it and a joy to work with the incredible Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Studios.”

It’s been four years since Picasso’s Dream’s debut album that became a central Ohio staple for Hypnotic Progressive Rock. With the upcoming album the team hopes to continue their legacy to the midwest area.

“As we usually say ‘The Sky’s the Limit'” says Anselmo.

More Information is available at the band’s website.

Concrete Ocean – New Single from No Rest

Chase VanderMaas, and Anthony S Anselmo recently contributed to Cam Stark’s Concrete ocean. You can download a copy at the No Rest Bandcamp Site.

“About two years ago I met a very nice gentlemen by the name of Cam Stark. He and I bonding with our frustrations of trying to create music in the Columbus scene. He sent me a demo of a song he was working, written by Brandon Roper and I instantly fell in love with it. Soon after numerous other people gravitated to this song and before you know it we had a full fledged recording. Please to present this treasure after many months. Featuring the impeccable Chase VanderMaas on Lead and always on time Harald Kay… Concrete Ocean.”


The Anselmo Project – ‘A Child’s Dream’ Single Now Available

A-Childs-Dream - Progressive Rock Single

Happy to Announce the release of my latest single ‘A Child’s Dream.’ This song is part of the upcoming album I’m working on based on a book from Daniel Noland! Inspired a bit from listening to both Pink Floyd and Dynatron it’s a musical journey into the fantasy of the mind!


NOTE: BUY the single within the first week and proceeds go towards Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief!
SHARE then and get a liner credit on my next album!

Anselmo / VanderMaas released new ‘Concept’ album

COLUMBUS OHIO – Progressive Rock Pioneers release new album Footsteps.

Footsteps is the first studio recording since the 2015 The Sky’s the Limit from Picasso’s Dream. The dynamic duo of Chase VanderMaas and Anthony S Anselmo return to provide gripping tales in “music” and “mystery”… in true ‘concept album’ format. VanderMaas and Anselmo set out to produce something that is both unique and original.

A New Progressive Rock Crew

Joined by world-renowned Harald Kay on drums, this is the first album featuring various guest appearances from great artists around the globe. Derek Barlas provided complimentary guitars to the majority of the tracks and Francesco Mega provide an amazing acoustic guitar performance on Double Crossed. The album also featuring amazing work from Anna Vashneva, George Schiessl and Steve Dauphinais.

The album also sports amazing artwork from Cayenne Chris Conroy, world renowned announcer, voice actor and talented artist.

“What is probably the most amazing thing about this album; is that the majority of the parts were recorded around the around the world. “ says Anselmo. “Because of this, it is an example of modern day collaboration that can produce amazing results.”

“This truly is an epic collection of everything I’ve wanted to say,” quotes VanderMaas. “We really wanted to do something that was epic in the style of all our influences.”

VanderMaas also provide vocals for the first time on this album, featuring the heart thumping How Much to Drop a Bomb? and the memorizing Seasons Change.

The ten tracks on the album, which was mixed by Anselmo himself are the following…

Hey It’s My Turn
When You Get Back Home
How Much to Drop a Bomb?
Far From Beyond Here
Seasons Change
Double Crossed
Childhood Innocence
Giant Footsteps
So Happy, So Sad

Footsteps is available now as a preview on the bandcamp site, and will be available for full distribution later in June.


The Anselmo Project Launches ‘A Boatload of Hypocrisy’ EP

Progressive Rock EP - The Anselmo Project - A Boatload of Hypocrisy

COLUMBUS, OHIOProgressive Rock Founder promotes EP for those who have served.

The Anselmo Project launches new EP A Boatload of Hypocrisy.

A Progressive Rock Journey

At age 35, Anthony S. Anselmo decided to start a band. Years later he has become the premier Keyboardist Entertainer in the Central Ohio region.

A prolific Keyboardist inspired by the days of old, Anthony grew up with Progressive Rock pioneers such as Genesis, Yes, Rush and Dream Theater. Combining styles ranging from 70’s to today, Anthony has become the sound of the ‘giant synth.’

His first band Picasso’s Dream became the staple of Progressive Rock shows in the Central Ohio region. Providing hypnotic rock with amazing visuals, the Picasso’s Dream shows were an experience not seen outside big arena acts.

In 2015 Anthony released his self-titled work Uncommon Sense with the The Anselmo Project working with individuals from New Zealand to Washington State. Combining hard hitting Progressive Metal with Instrumental Progressive Rock tunes Uncommon Sense broke new ground in songwriting and experimentation.

In later 2015 Anthony joined Blue August, one of the most unique and amazing rock acts in the Columbus area. Bringing his visual style the Blue August experience it has become the ‘not to miss’ local show.

Anthony continues to be the most sought out Keyboardist in the Ohio region. A Boatload of Hypocrisy continued his musical endeavors in support of the USA military and all those who have served.

“The songs on this EP work to promote if we are going to send our boys into harm’s way, we better make sure it’s for the right reasons,” says Anselmo.

The EP features amazing vocals from David Czoschke and Picasso’s Dream Drummer Brian Randolph. The infamous Harald Kay returns on drums with fellow friends Dave Mahler, Dave Boyer, Rod Smith, Daniel Moore, Rod Z, Josh Miller, Francesco Mega, and Jonathan Shaffer helped to contribute to the EP.

A Boatload of Hypocrisy will be available on Memorial Day, May 30th 2016 on all music distribution channels such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

A free preview is available at the Anselmo Project Bandcamp site.


Local Rock News – Blue August Releases Debut Album!

Local Independent Band Blue August Debut Album

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Local Independent Band Blue August Launches Debut Album

“Emotional storytelling through music.”

Blue August – a local independent band is releasing their debut album to all digital download locations on Monday May 2nd.

Originating from Columbus Ohio, Blue August is hard hitting rock songs with amazing musicianship. The two Stephen’s, Stephen Davy and Stephen Jones trade off on vocals as they perform songs with such soul and passion; rarely seen on the independent scene. Jay Ott provides amazing guitar skills to help paint the artwork while Anthony S. Anselmo’s synths provides the grounding for the tapestries.

With such richness, combined with imaginative and thoughtful lyrics, Blue August combines a bit of the old and the new. With elements of Classic and Modern rock, Blue August’s sound transverses through the ages of Rock history.

Drummer Stephen Davy about the new album…”Its truly a gift when you can play music with emotion and play it with musicians who are so talented. We can write what we feel because we’re comfortable enough around each other to encourage expression. Each song starts with a groove on bass and drums and then you add Jays ability to use his guitar to enhance the emotion in the lyrics. Add onto that for many years we’ve heard the keyboards in our heads and now with Anthony we are surrounded by it, truly taking the music to the next level.”

Guitarist Jay Ott notes the important accomplishment of the first album. “The band has been working on these songs for about three years now, so they have really come into their own. We’re extremely proud of this release. I look forward to our next effort as much as I enjoyed helping create this one.”

A preview of the album can be found a Bandcamp for digital download. The album will be available for purchase and download on May 2nd from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

More information about the band and upcoming performances can be reached at www.blueaugustband.com.