The David the Elder Story


  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Vocals: David Merriman as David the Elder’s Internal Voice

Some time ago, a six-year-old Boy lays dying at the hospital. Unable to recover from the sickness that would eventually claim his life, he drifts off into a comma. While delirious, he dreams of his guardian angel—a being of light and life that he has encountered countless times throughout his short life. Calling to him, the boy follows, slipping further and further from reality until he finds himself in a magical, marvelous, other-realm… 

Many years later, a disturbed Man is falling, after committing suicide from jumping off a building. During the event in where time seems to stand still, he ponders his life before that blackness surrounds him. 

Child’s Dream

  • Keyboards/Programming: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars: Bill Bemba
  • Bass: Alex Lazcano
  • Drums: Logan Wrainright

After a lifetime of fantastical adventures in a world of his own creation, the Boy settles into a season of rest. However, it would not be for long, soon he would face his first and greatest challenge—an outsider appears in his otherworld. A Man of some mystery, who would be familiar to the Boy, had he the opportunity to know the man. 

The Visitor

  • Piano: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Acoustic Guitar: Francesco Mega
    Bass: Tony Thompson
  • Louis A. Marchena as David the Elder
  • Cam Stark as The Boy

The Man arrives on a new world where he meets a young Boy. The Boy, dubs him the ‘Mysterious Man’ and a myriad of marvelous creatures enact his every desire and dream. Assuming the role of “Uncle” the Mysterious Man, attempts to guide the Boy on a series of misadventures, helping him craft his world into a facsimile reality, including an alternate family.

The Creature

  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo

After a chance encounter the Man confronts the Boy as he soon realizes the problematic part of the situation. He challenges the god-like child’s authority and dominion, calling out his misguided actions and mistreatment of his “creations”, and sparking a divide between right and wrong, good and evil, or so it would seem… 

Unable to convince the Boy of the error of his ways and unable to stop his creations, the Mysterious Man breathes life into the Dark Dweller and instructs him to go search for the boy. In order to complete his mission he scars the Dark Dweller with disfigurement until his role is complete.

Corruptible Power

  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars/Bass/Programming: Alex Furst
  • David Merriman as David the Elder’s Internal Voice

However, the Dark Dweller is unable to open the portal to the Mysterious Man’s Domain, and after speaking to a drifter, he must barter for information in order to acquire parts of a key that will enable him to achieve entry.

From afar the Mysterious Man watches and ponders…


  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars/Bass: Bill Beamba
  • Drums: Matthew Kerschner
  • Louis A. Marchena as the Dark Dweller
  • Deb Watts as the Phoenix Spirit 

Alone in his oddly oversized bedroom, the boy sits at the foot of his bed playing with toys; the small yellow figures move about their block buildings as the boy narrates a tale. Soon his mother sends him to bed. After lying down and closing his eyes, the Dark Dweller enters and stands over him, in the shadows, before abducting the boy. Although a number of fantastical creatures (a Phoenix, Griffon, etc.) attempt to prevent the kidnapping, the Dark Dweller escapes with the boy into the dark portal realm.

The Battle of the Minds

  • Keyboards/Judge:  Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars: Pat Waldorf
  • Bass: Alex Lazcano
  • Drums: Logan Wrainright
  • Stephen Jones as Wind
  • Max Bigalow as Fire
  • Brian Randolph as Earth
  • Ethan Kitchen as Water

At the same time in the Otherworld, the Ageless (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth) gather at the LifeLight Fountain and inform their Leader, the Lady of Life, of the Boy’s abduction; already their realm is changing due to his absence.

A Whisper

  • Keyboards/Piano: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Acoustic Guitar: Francesco Mega
  • Bass: Dave Mahler
  • Drums: Logan Wrainright
  • Deb Wattes as The Lady of Light

The Lady of Light confronts the Dark Dweller and attempts to dissuade him from delivering the Boy to the Mysterious Man (David the Elder). Having no effect on his mind or will, the Lady realizes her course of action: she surrenders to the Dark Dweller and is taken prisoner alongside the Boy. 

Harried by the Four Ageless, the Dark Dweller and his pair of prisoners cross through the Seven Spectral Suns realms (Red Sun, Orange Sun, Yellow-Green Suns, Blue Sun, Violet Sun, White Sun) searching out the six codes—musical melodies that will form the key and allow access to the Dark Domain. While pursued by her wards, the Lady of Light secretly bolster’s the Boy’s bravery in order to thwart the Dark Dweller’s hold on him. 

The Long Journey

  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars: Zahn Krava/Keith McBride
  • Bass: Paul Budzisnki
  • Drums: Logan Wrainright

During their trek, the Lady of the Light unveils her abilities: tapping into the “beats of time” in order to cause physical changes that affect the course of time. Through a sequence of events in the Seven Spectral Suns realms, the Dark Dweller causes several small changes that culminate in the meeting of them and the Mysterious Man (David the Elder) in the Hallway of Many Doors.

Dark Agony

  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars: Derek Balas
  • Bass: Alex Lazcano
  • Drums: Harold Kay
  • S.A.M as the Outworld Controller

Opposite of the Boy’s Bedroom door is the Mirrored portal to the Dark Domain, now activated by the key.  Entering, the Dark Dweller prostrates himself before the Mysterious Man (David the Elder), ready to turn over not his two prisoners, in payment for the Mysterious Man’s help to remove the shame and scarred appearance he has accumulated from a life of unhappiness. 

Meanwhile someone else watches from afar, a being of logic and knowledge… who role is his realm are entangled with what happens in this one.

Out of the Box

  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars: Josh Miller
  • Bass: Alex Lazcano
  • Drums: Harold Kay

As time and space ripple away, the Boy and the Mysterious Man (David the Elder) find themselves standing before the Fountain of Life & Light, where both had first encountered the Lady of Light, upon entering the Otherworld.

Final Judgement/Grande Finale

  • Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo
  • Guitars/Bass: Bill Beamba
  • Drums: Chris Bouchard
  • Louis A. Marchena As David the Elder/Dark Dweller
  • Cam Stark As the Boy
  • Deb Wattes as Phoenix Spirit/Lady of Light

Each second that ticks by with the beating of the Boy’s heart, the Mysterious Man (David the Elder) and the Boy take on their true forms: One of Light, the other of Darkness. The Mysterious Man, as informed by the Lady, learns whom he truly is and why he was to witness this encounter. Now aware of his origin, the Dark Dweller confronts the Mysterious Man, but is mortally wounded by him. While dying, the Dark Dweller pleads with his father to “remember” who he once was. As the Man reaches to comfort from the boy, the Boy places his hand on his and both become aware of the truth: they are one in the same; the Boy is David the Younger; the Man is David the Elder. 

They know all now, ages ago the Boy had died and crossed over to the Otherworld, but a part of his mind had remained behind and continued on in his body, spending many years miserable and alone, never fully fulfilling his ambitions and dreams, always in wonderment of what life was suppose to be. Then one day, he ended that existence and found himself here, before the Fountain and welcomed home by the Lady, before setting out in search of the Boy. Once his “Uncle” the Mysterious Man (David the Elder) had looked after the Boy, never knowing who he was, until now.

With open arms, the Lady of Life & Light brings the two Davids into an embrace, rejoining their fractured Soul, reuniting what once was divided. They now transform into David the Grey. 




All music and lyrics written by Anthony S. Anselmo except 

“Corruptable Power” lyrics by David Merriman and Anthony S. Anselmo.

Alone mixed by Paris Hollins @ Blue Moon Studio – Columbus, Ohio

The Long Journey and Corruptable Power mixed by Steve Parkis – Columbus, Ohio

All other songs mixed by Tony Thompson – New Zealand.

This record would have not been able to be made without the gracious help and efforts of multiple individuals from around the world. When I started this effort I knew this was going to be a long, but I truly appreciate everyone who helped to make this a reality. 

First off thanks to Daniel for allowing me to shape this wonderous story of his into a musical opera. It really would of never happened without his vision.

Second: Deb, Cam, Louis, David, Steve J., Max, Brian, and Ethan, without your wonderous talents of which this would not of been possible. Thank you all so much for taking time to help create the tapestry of this magical world.

Thanks to Bill, Alex F., Francesco, Alex L, Pat, Dave, Paul, Zahn, Keith, Josh, Derek, Harold and especially Matt for playing on these songs. Without your amazing skills this would of never happened either.

Thanks to Tony, Paris and Steve for helping to get the sound where I wanted it. 

As usual thanks to all my friends and family, for their encouragement. 

Thanks to all various bandmates throughout the years for their support, encouragement and assistance where needed. 

Amazing artwork by Jason Bascom.

Copyright 2020 – Anthony S. Anselmo/Daniel Noland

There is no fairlight on this record…