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At age 35, Anthony S. Anselmo decided to start a band. Little did he know, years later he'd become the premier Progressive Rock Keyboardist in the Central Ohio region. A prolific artist inspired from the days of old, Anthony grew up listening to Progressive Rock pioneers such as Genesis, Yes, Rush and Dream Theater. Combining styles ranging from the ’70s to today, Anthony has become the sound of the ‘giant synth.’ Anthony started playing piano at age 11 and continued on and off till he turned 30. Inspired by his Progressive Rock Keyboardist heroes Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman and Jordan Ruddess, he decided to start a band. At age 35 Anthony finally decided to 'Roll the Bones.' and see what the future held.

Anthony S. Anselmo

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The Anselmo Project Unleashes Progressive Rock Single ‘Parity’ from forthcoming album.

Columbus, Ohio – This Saturday, prepare to be mesmerized as The Anselmo Project, the brainchild of Anthony S. Anselmo, releases their highly anticipated new progressive rock single, “Parity.” Known for his exceptional work as the keyboardist for Picasso’s Dream and Blue August, Anselmo continues to push musical boundaries with this latest release, coinciding with the full moon.

“Parity” is a compelling exploration of mathematical repetition. It encapsulates the concept of parity, which in mathematics refers to the property of an integer being even or odd. This intricate theme is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the song. Consequently, the result is a rhythmic and melodic journey that is both intellectually stimulating and musically captivating.

The track features an extraordinary lineup of musicians. Anthony S. Anselmo brings his virtuoso keyboard skills to the forefront. Meanwhile, Chuck McDowell lays down the rhythmic foundation with his dynamic drumming. Additionally, Philippe Pansard’s bass lines add depth and groove, and Richard Bradley’s guitar work provides soaring melodies and intricate harmonies. The song was meticulously mixed and mastered by the renowned Gustavo Madrid, ensuring a listening experience of the highest quality.

Anselmo reflects on the song’s origins: “This song started as a jam back in the Blue August days but never got anywhere. I’m excited to have it come to life with such talented and dedicated musicians from all over the world.”

The release of “Parity” marks another installment in Anselmo’s series of full moon releases. This builds anticipation for his upcoming solo effort, set to launch at the end of the year. Each release promises a unique auditory experience, showcasing Anselmo’s versatility and creative genius.

Listeners can download the progressive rock single at The Anselmo Project’s Bandcamp page. Furthermore, it will also be available on streaming services in the coming days.

About The Anselmo Project

The Anselmo Project is the brainchild of Anthony S. Anselmo. He is a virtuoso musician and the driving force behind Central Ohio’s premier progressive rock band, Picasso’s Dream. Passionate about artistic expression, The Anselmo Project delves into a variety of musical genres. It offers listeners a rich tapestry of soundscapes and innovative interpretations. Through soulful covers and original compositions, Anselmo continues to leave an indelible mark on the music world. Therefore, he captivates audiences far and wide.

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Experience the magic of “Parity” and join us on this musical journey. Don’t miss out on the next full moon release from Anthony S. Anselmo and The Anselmo Project!

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