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At age 35, Anthony S. Anselmo decided to start a band. Little did he know, years later he'd become the premier Progressive Rock Keyboardist in the Central Ohio region. A prolific artist inspired from the days of old, Anthony grew up listening to Progressive Rock pioneers such as Genesis, Yes, Rush and Dream Theater. Combining styles ranging from the ’70s to today, Anthony has become the sound of the ‘giant synth.’ Anthony started playing piano at age 11 and continued on and off till he turned 30. Inspired by his Progressive Rock Keyboardist heroes Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman and Jordan Ruddess, he decided to start a band. At age 35 Anthony finally decided to 'Roll the Bones.' and see what the future held.

Anthony S. Anselmo

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Aural Films releases Progressive Rock Pioneers Picasso’s Dream Collection

Aural Films has released a compilation of Progressive Rock Pioneers Picasso’s Dream for their July ‘Astronauts 11’ album! Spanning the group’s eight years and including a brand new song Wings Unchained.

Wings Unchained is a new song that was recorded in 2019 makes its debut with a long-time friend of the group Jay Ott adding the finishing touches on the lead guitar. Recorded and produced by Grammy Award-winning Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Studios in Columbus, Ohio.


Progressive Rock Collection

Picasso’s Dream has been creating, recording, and entertaining individuals throughout Central and Northern Ohio for the past eight years. The collection covers all incarnations of the band, from the very beginning to today. This includes selections of tracks from “The Sky’s the Limit”, “Footsteps” and recently released singles.

“Jack Hertz of Aural Films approached us to do a collection based on our space rock themes. This was a perfect opportunity to look back on everyone’s hard work and celebrate the music,” says keyboardist and founding member Anthony S. Anselmo.

The new song features the complete cast of regulars, with both Chris Bianchi and Jay Ott providing guitar parts. Max Bigalow returns on bass, Vincent Simon on drums, Tony Kertis on saxophone, and of course Anthony S. Anselmo on keyboards.

“I was really happy we could include the entire crew’s efforts on this song.” continues Anthony. “Sadly the song lingered during the 2020 pandemic, but I’m happy to see its debut. ”

Astronauts 11 will be available via the bandcamp page July 5th.

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Local Columbus Indie Rock Band ‘Blend’ releases Cycles

Just a heads up folks about a new Indie Rock album I am on!

I was fortunate enough to guest star on some of the songs on the recent Blend album ‘Cycles’ which just came out recently. Blend is a local indie rock band from here in Columbus which has an amazing vibe! Mixing both classic prog rock and modern rock they are highly entertaining. Their vocals J.D. Freeman did the vocals for our Picasso’s Dream single ‘Notion.’ If you like a hard-hitting rock this is a freaking amazing album. I was honored to help add some supplemental keyboards to this collection.

Go check it out here.

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