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Progressive Rock News – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches new Single ‘Notion’

Picasso's Dream - Notion

Columbus Ohio – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group releases new single featuring vocalist J.D. Freeman.

Picasso’s Dream has released their new single Notion, their first vocal song featuring guest artist J.D. Freeman from the well known act Blend. 

Notion also welcomes on lead guitar fellow friend Jay Ott. Jay Ott and Anthony S. Anselmo were both involved in the highly successful and award winning Blue August Progressive Rock band. 

Progressive Rock – Now with Vocals!

“Jay had a song he had written years ago with a specific keyboard part. I loved it the moment I heard it, very Rush like. We just had to make this song a reality!” says Keyboardist and Anthony S. Anselmo.

A song of this magnitude required a magnificent voice, so the band tapped local vocalist JD Freeman from the Columbus Indie-band Blend to help. Anselmo had been working with Blend adding some keys to  their upcoming album.

“J.D.’s golden voice was perfect for helping to bring the lyrics to life,” says Jay Ott. “He really studied the song and the day he came in he knocked it out of the park.”

Also included on the track are Picasso’s Dream regulars Max Bigalow on Bass and Vincent Simon on Drums. The song was recorded and produced by the legendary Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Recording Studios in Central Ohio.

For more information check out www.PicassosDream.com or the band’s bandcamp page PicassosDream.BandCamp.com to download the single. The single will available also on all streaming platforms as well (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc…)

Progressive Rock News – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches their new single ‘Unstoppable Force’.

Picasso's Dream - Unstoppable Force - Progressive Rock Single

(Columbus OH) – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches their new single for Unstoppable Force. Unstoppable Force features both newcomer Chris Bianchi on Guitar and Tony Kertis on Sax.

Unstoppable Force is the first in the upcoming second featured album from Picasso’s Dream currently wrapping up production. The album features Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigalow on Bass and founded member Anthony S. Anselmo on keyboards.

Full Progressive Rock Steam Ahead!

Produced and recorded at Blue Moon Studios in Central Ohio, Picasso’s Dream second album will feature an array of new instrumental tracks as well as vocals from various members and guests.

“We basically set out what we wanted to accomplish in the first album,” says keyboardist Anthony S. Anselmo. “We discovered a lot of our talented members could sing so we had to start incorporating this into our music as well.”

“The new album features the increased complexity of the group as a whole.” says bassist Max Bigalow. “It was an ultimate pleasure making it and a joy to work with the incredible Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Studios.”

It’s been four years since Picasso’s Dream’s debut album that became a central Ohio staple for Hypnotic Progressive Rock. With the upcoming album the team hopes to continue their legacy to the midwest area.

“As we usually say ‘The Sky’s the Limit'” says Anselmo.

More Information is available at the band’s website.

Progressive Rock News – Picasso’s Dream Announces Brand New Single with New Lineup.

Progressive Rock - Picasso's Dream - Bates Motel

Columbus Ohio – PRESS RELEASE – Progressive Rock News – Picasso’s Dream Announces Brand New Single with New Lineup.

Picasso’s Dream Central Ohio’s Premier Hypnotic Progressive Rock launches their new single ‘Bates Motel’ coming this May 28th.

Picasso’s Dream is the brain child of Cleveland to Columbus native Anthony S. Anselmo. At 35, Anthony decided to fulfill his life long dream to start a band. Anthony was inspired to shape the band by combining visual imagery that specifically tied into instrumental Progressive Rock. After a long extensive effort Anthony met Nyack New York native/Nashville inspired classic rocker Chase VanderMaas who shared the same passion of Progressive Rock. Chase invited Brian Randolph (Drummer/Singer from Calling Caine) and Carl Perry (Bassist from Calling Caine) to jam. Very shortly afterwards Picasso’s Dream was founded.

Progressive Rock Progressing Forward

In the spring of 2017, Picasso’s Dream was reformed as version 2.0 adding former live Bassist Max Bigelow, and Drummer extraordinaire Vincent Simon. Special guest star Tony Kertis also to joins on the wailing Saxophone. 

Bates Motel is the first official release of the reformed band. Inspired by the 1960 movie Psycho, Bates Motel tells the story of the disturbed Norman Bates from inside his head and the series of actions that take place in the movie.

“The song started back when Carl and Brian were in the band,” says Keyboardist and Co-Producer Anthony S. Anselmo. “And it was lingering for a year until we brought it back into the spotlight with the reformation of the band. I’m extremely happy to finally see it brought to its full potential.”

“This song is really a personal journey for me. I’m pulling on numerous guitar influences interwoven together to create a hard-hitting rock tapestry. Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, etc… all the of my guitar influences are in this song.” says Guitarist Chase VanderMaas.

You can download the single from the band’s BandCamp site at picassosdream.bandcamp.com. Release to digital stores and streaming services forthcoming.

For more information on Picasso’s Dream check out their website at PicassosDream.com

Look for Picasso’s Dream to be touring the Midwest all summer in 2018!

Anselmo / VanderMaas released new ‘Concept’ album

COLUMBUS OHIO – Progressive Rock Pioneers release new album Footsteps.

Footsteps is the first studio recording since the 2015 The Sky’s the Limit from Picasso’s Dream. The dynamic duo of Chase VanderMaas and Anthony S Anselmo return to provide gripping tales in “music” and “mystery”… in true ‘concept album’ format. VanderMaas and Anselmo set out to produce something that is both unique and original.

A New Progressive Rock Crew

Joined by world-renowned Harald Kay on drums, this is the first album featuring various guest appearances from great artists around the globe. Derek Barlas provided complimentary guitars to the majority of the tracks and Francesco Mega provide an amazing acoustic guitar performance on Double Crossed. The album also featuring amazing work from Anna Vashneva, George Schiessl and Steve Dauphinais.

The album also sports amazing artwork from Cayenne Chris Conroy, world renowned announcer, voice actor and talented artist.

“What is probably the most amazing thing about this album; is that the majority of the parts were recorded around the around the world. “ says Anselmo. “Because of this, it is an example of modern day collaboration that can produce amazing results.”

“This truly is an epic collection of everything I’ve wanted to say,” quotes VanderMaas. “We really wanted to do something that was epic in the style of all our influences.”

VanderMaas also provide vocals for the first time on this album, featuring the heart thumping How Much to Drop a Bomb? and the memorizing Seasons Change.

The ten tracks on the album, which was mixed by Anselmo himself are the following…

Hey It’s My Turn
When You Get Back Home
How Much to Drop a Bomb?
Far From Beyond Here
Seasons Change
Double Crossed
Childhood Innocence
Giant Footsteps
So Happy, So Sad

Footsteps is available now as a preview on the bandcamp site, and will be available for full distribution later in June.