Progressive Rock Begins at 35!

At age 35, Anthony S. Anselmo decided to start a band. Little did he know, years later he’d become the premier Progressive Rock Keyboardist in the Central Ohio region.

Anthony S. Anselmo performing Progressive Rock at Al Rosa Villa

Anthony S. Anselmo performing at Al Rosa Villa

A prolific artist inspired from the days of old, Anthony grew up listening to Progressive Rock pioneers such as Genesis, Yes, Rush and Dream Theater. Combining styles ranging from the ’70s to today, Anthony has become the sound of the ‘giant synth.’

Anthony started playing piano at age 11 and continued on and off till he turned 30. Inspired by his Progressive Rock Keyboardist heroes Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman and Jordan Ruddess, he decided to start a band. At age 35 Anthony finally decided to ‘Roll the Bones.’ and see what the future held.

The Sky’s the Limit – Progressive Rock Keyboardist takes flight.

His first band Picasso’s Dream became the staple of Progressive Rock shows in the Central Ohio region. Providing hypnotic rock with visuals, Picasso’s Dream was an experience not seen outside the realm of the big arena acts.

Uncommon Thought – The world comes together.

In 2015 Anthony released his self-titled work Uncommon Sense with The Anselmo Project working with individuals from New Zealand to Washington State. Combining hard-hitting Progressive Metal with Instrumental Progressive Rock tunes Uncommon Sense broke new ground in songwriting and experimentation.

Storytelling with Emotion – The Next Frontier

In 2015 Anthony joined Blue August, one of the most unique and amazing rock powerhouse acts in the Columbus area. Bringing his visual style to the group, the Blue August experience had become the ‘not-to-miss show in Columbus!

2016 Anthony joined the Pink Floyd tribute band Still First in Space… performing to audiences throughout the Columbus region. Also, during this time Picasso’s Dream 2.0 was reformed with new members to carry the legacy forward for the next generation. In 2020 Anthony released his second solo album David the Elder which was featured in Prog Magazine. He was also featured as a guest spot on Blend’s album Cycles.

With several projects with bands, Anthony continues to be the most sought out Keyboardist in the Ohio region.