Picasso’s Dream Unveils Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock EP ‘Commentary’ on Frontman’s Birthday Extravaganza

Picasso's Dream - Commentary EP

COLUMBUS, DEC 21 – Picasso’s Dream, Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock band, is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated EP, ‘Commentary.’

“Commentary” is a landmark achievement for Central Ohio’s premier progressive rock outfit, showcasing a five-year musical journey that highlights the band’s evolving sound and storytelling capabilities. This release stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts within the band and the unwavering support of their dedicated fanbase.

The EP includes the much-celebrated single ‘Bates Motel,’ seamlessly integrated into the complete package originally envisioned by the band. Fans can finally experience the full scope of this musical journey that began over half a decade ago.

Adding an exciting twist to the EP is a revamped version of ‘Unstoppable Force,’ now featuring the electrifying guitars of Chase VanderMaas. Remixed by the talented Gustavo Madrid, this new iteration brings a heavier and rocking vibe, staying true to the band’s original vision.

‘Coming Into the City,’ a track penned over a decade ago by Anthony S. Anselmo, is another highlight of the EP. Inspired by his experiences navigating Columbus traffic during his early years, this song is a testament to the enduring creativity of Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock band.

Rounding out the EP are the familiar and beloved singles ‘Streetcar Race’ and ‘Walk On Out the Door,’ providing a dynamic listening experience that encapsulates the band’s signature sound.

On this milestone occasion, Anthony S. Anselmo shares, “What could be better than releasing ‘Commentary,’ the album I originally envisioned five years ago? I’m thrilled to share this collection with our fans, and I hope it brings as much joy to them as it has to us.”

As Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock band celebrates this musical milestone, the band invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to join the birthday celebration and download this early Christmas present, making it a memorable 28th (or is it 48th?) birthday for Anthony S. Anselmo and the entire Picasso’s Dream family.

“Commentary” is now available on all major streaming platforms. For more information on Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock band – Picasso’s Dream, visit www.PicassosDream.com and follow them on @PicassosDream.

About Picasso’s Dream:

Picasso’s Dream is Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock band, known for their genre-blending sound and captivating performances. The band has been making waves in the music scene, gaining a dedicated following with their unique style and memorable compositions. “Commentary” is their latest release, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey.



Picasso’s Dream central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group releases new Progressive Jazz single ‘Walk On Out the Door’ featuring Dee Jazzaz.

Walk On Out the Door

Picasso’s Dream central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group releases new Progressive Jazz single ‘Walk On Out the Door’ featuring Dee Jazzaz.

‘Walk On Out the Door’ is a song written by the group’s saxophone-ist Tony Kertis. 

The song tells the story of a man desperate to leave the confines of a bad relationship. Tony tells the story as such…

“I had a coworker come in one day, he grabbed a secret stash of money from underneath the desk and said ‘If my wife calls delay her for three hours till I get out of the state.'” 

The single features both returning champion Chase VanderMaas on Guitars, Max Bigalow on Bass, Vincent Simon on Drums, Anthony S. Anselmo on keyboards, and Tony Kertis on Saxophone.

On vocals the elegant Dee Jazzaz who has worked with Anselmo previously on his solo effort such as ‘David the Elder.’ Dee provides the soulful lyrics telling the intricate story. 

The single is available free via the band’s Bandcamp site located here.

About Picasso’s Dream

Progressive Rock. The final frontier of musicianship. Setting a new course for destinations yet unknown Picasso’s Dream sets themselves apart from the ordinary.

Combining the best talents of modern technology and professional expertise; Picasso’s Dream presents an all-inclusive experience.

So step aboard the starship and join us on the journey across the Universe.

Press Contact:

Anthony S. Anselmo

The Anselmo Project Pays Homage to The Midnight with New Single “Explorers”

Explorers Single


The Anselmo Project Pays Homage to The Midnight with New Single “Explorers”

Columbus, OH – Oct 31 2023 – Renowned musician Anthony S. Anselmo, the creative force behind Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock Band Picasso’s Dream and his solo endeavor, The Anselmo Project, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Explorers.” This tribute cover, a rock rendition of The Midnight‘s hit track from their Kids album, showcases Anselmo’s musical prowess and creativity, offering listeners a fresh perspective on the acclaimed Synthwave band’s iconic sound.

In this rendition, The Anselmo Project enlisted a lineup of exceptionally talented musicians to elevate the song to new heights in the realm of modern rock. The track features TheV on Guitar, Chuck McDowell on drums, Philippe Pansard on Bass, and the soulful vocals of Cam Stark, a local talent from the Columbus region. Stark’s previous collaborations with Anselmo on projects like No Rest and Anselmo’s last album, ‘David the Elder,’ have proven to be a dynamic partnership.

“Been a fan of The Midnight for a few years now. A few years ago they released their separations for artists to create their own interpretations, and I had to jump on this one song,” expressed Anselmo, reflecting his deep admiration for The Midnight‘s work. Anselmo is not only dedicated to crafting remarkable covers but is also actively working on unveiling long-lost Picasso’s Dream music, promising exciting releases in the near future.

“Explorers” is now available for FREE on popular platforms such as Soundcloud, inviting music enthusiasts to experience this captivating homage firsthand.

For more information about The Anselmo Project, Picasso’s Dream, and Anthony S. Anselmo, please visit www.anthonyanselmo.com. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and announcements from this gifted musician, as he continues to captivate audiences with his extraordinary musical journey.

About The Anselmo Project:

The Anselmo Project is the brainchild of Anthony S. Anselmo, a highly skilled musician and one the masterminds behind Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock Band Picasso’s Dream. With a passion for creative expression, The Anselmo Project explores diverse musical genres, offering listeners a unique blend of soundscapes and artistic interpretations. Through soulful covers and original compositions, Anselmo continues to leave a lasting impression on music enthusiasts worldwide.

Press Contact:

Anthony S. Anselmo

Picasso’s Dream and The Anselmo Project Unveil Highly Anticipated New Music!

Streetcar Race Single

Columbus, Ohio – Oct 17th – Music enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an exhilarating musical journey as Anthony S. Anselmo, the mastermind behind Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock Band Picasso’s Dream, and his personal project, The Anselmo Project, announce the release of their highly anticipated new music.

After an intensive four-year creative endeavor, Picasso’s Dream is back with a bang, welcoming original Guitarist Chase VanderMaas back into the fold. Their latest offering, “Streetcar Race,” features the full lineup, with Max Bigalow on Bass, Vincent Simon on Drums, and Tony Kertis on Saxophone, promising a powerful and immersive sonic experience.

In addition to the Picasso’s Dream release, Anthony S. Anselmo’s solo venture presents “Feed the Machine,” the lead single from his upcoming record. This funky track boasts a collaborative effort from talented musicians spanning the globe, including lyrics by John Heaven, Vocals by Cree Patterson, Bass by Gregory Iaria, Drums by Chuck McDowell, Guitars by TheV, and expert mixing by Tom Hellsten. “Feed the Machine” captures an eclectic atmosphere, showcasing the fusion of diverse musical influences and Anselmo’s creative genius.

“Very happy to be working with Chase again,” expressed Anselmo, whose bands Picasso’s Dream and Blue August have been stalwarts of the rock scene in Columbus, Cleveland, and Central Ohio for the past decade. “Lots of new music coming over the next few months… I can’t wait to get this out to everyone.”

Music enthusiasts can dive into the captivating sounds of Picasso’s Dream and The Anselmo Project through various platforms, including Bandcamp and popular streaming services:

For more information about these groundbreaking projects and the creative genius behind them, please visit:

Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and moved as Picasso’s Dream and The Anselmo Project redefine the musical landscape with their latest releases.


Aural Films releases Progressive Rock Pioneers Picasso’s Dream Collection

Progressive Rock Picasso's Dream Collection

Aural Films has released a compilation of Progressive Rock Pioneers Picasso’s Dream for their July ‘Astronauts 11’ album! Spanning the group’s eight years and including a brand new song Wings Unchained.

Wings Unchained is a new song that was recorded in 2019 makes its debut with a long-time friend of the group Jay Ott adding the finishing touches on the lead guitar. Recorded and produced by Grammy Award-winning Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Studios in Columbus, Ohio.


Progressive Rock Collection

Picasso’s Dream has been creating, recording, and entertaining individuals throughout Central and Northern Ohio for the past eight years. The collection covers all incarnations of the band, from the very beginning to today. This includes selections of tracks from “The Sky’s the Limit”, “Footsteps” and recently released singles.

“Jack Hertz of Aural Films approached us to do a collection based on our space rock themes. This was a perfect opportunity to look back on everyone’s hard work and celebrate the music,” says keyboardist and founding member Anthony S. Anselmo.

The new song features the complete cast of regulars, with both Chris Bianchi and Jay Ott providing guitar parts. Max Bigalow returns on bass, Vincent Simon on drums, Tony Kertis on saxophone, and of course Anthony S. Anselmo on keyboards.

“I was really happy we could include the entire crew’s efforts on this song.” continues Anthony. “Sadly the song lingered during the 2020 pandemic, but I’m happy to see its debut. ”

Astronauts 11 will be available via the bandcamp page July 5th.

For more information on the band visit PicassosDream.com or PicassosDream.BandCamp.com

For more information about Aural Firms check out AuralFilms.BandCamp.com

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Local Columbus Indie Rock Band ‘Blend’ releases Cycles

Blend - Cycles

Just a heads up folks about a new Indie Rock album I am on!

I was fortunate enough to guest star on some of the songs on the recent Blend album ‘Cycles’ which just came out recently. Blend is a local indie rock band from here in Columbus which has an amazing vibe! Mixing both classic prog rock and modern rock they are highly entertaining. Their vocals J.D. Freeman did the vocals for our Picasso’s Dream single ‘Notion.’ If you like a hard-hitting rock this is a freaking amazing album. I was honored to help add some supplemental keyboards to this collection.

Go check it out here.


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David the Elder Progressive Rock album makes Prog Magazine ‘Last but not Least’!

Prog Magazine

Special thanks to Prog Magazine for giving my new Progressive Rock album David the Elder a shoutout. Granted they got my first name wrong, but hey any promotion is good promotion right!

Received a lot of good feedback and appreciation for the new album. Working on getting this up on iTunes soon, but as usual life issues have gotten in the way. It will be there soon.

Needless to say I’m thankful to everyone who has been nice enough to say a good word or promote it. It was a wonderful journey from the last five years and I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out. Daniel and I are already talking about a sequel, so maybe in another five years… lol.

New Progressive Rock Album – ‘David the Elder’ By The Anselmo Project

David the Elder - Progressive Rock Album by The Anselmo Project

The Anselmo Project the side solo effort of Picasso’s Dream keyboardist Anthony (Picasso) S. Anselmo has announced the long awaited Progressive Rock album called David the Elder to be released Dec 1st along with final single ‘A Whisper.’

A Whisper features vocals from the talented Dee Jazzaz based out of New Zealand. The song is part of a story of which is revealed on the David the Elder record. 

The amazing Francesco Mega returns for Acoustic with Dave Mahler providing the thundering Bass. 


The Progressive Rock Story

The Progressive Rock concept album is based upon a story from Anthony’s long-time partner Daniel Noland. Featuring numerous talented individuals from around the world, the album paints a story of a lone man, trapped in a mysterious world and the strange events that occur around him. Taking over five years to construct and complete, the album it is an epic ProgRock masterpiece. 

Mastered by a team of talented Award Winning Producers and clocking in just under eighty minutes. The album is huge behemoth to delight any progressive rock listeners ears. 

“Daniel had this amazing story he had written that he hopes to turn in a series of books one-day. In the meantime, I quickly realized this could become an amazing concept album” says Anselmo. “It has been a long ride but I’m very proud of everyone’s efforts to help bring this vision to its full completion.”

Starring on the album is Louis A. Marchena as David the Elder, Cam Stark as The Boy, Dee Jazzaz as The Lady of Light, and David Merriman as The Internal Voice. 

The album also features guest appearances from Matthew Kerschner (Gravity, Lux Terminus), Haraold Kay (Anselmo/VanderMaas), Stephen Jones (Blue August), Brian Randolph (Picasso’s Dream), Max Bigalow (Picasso’s Dream), Alex Lazcano (Lazleitt), Alex Furst (Fade To Oblivion), Zahn Krava (Downright Nasties), Paul Budzynski (Downright Nasties) and many more special guest stars. 

Artwork for the album is done by the talented Jason Bascom.

David the Elder will be available via the bandcamp page Dec 1st and soon on all music platforms. More information can be found at AnthonyAnselmo.com.

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New Progressive Rock Single – ‘Serenity’ by Picasso’s Dream featuring the Cleveland legend Rick Ray.

Progressive Rock Single - Serenity

PRESS RELEASE – COLUMBUS OHIO – Picasso’s Dream Central Ohio’s premier progressive rock band, releases new single “Serenity,” featuring Cleveland legend Rick Ray. “Serenity” was originally written and recorded by Cleveland-based progressive rock band Gravity on their 2010 album Midnight Sonata. Picasso’s Dream is excited to pay tribute to this inspiring band from the rock and roll capital of the world.

Progressive Rock at its Finest!

The song features guest guitarist Rick Ray from the Rick Ray Orbital Transmitter. Rick Ray has been a Cleveland staple for over 50 years. He’s has played to numerous Cleveland crowds and opening for popular groups such as Blue Oyster Cult, Fates Warning, and Kansas.

“It’s an absolute thrill to have Rick star with us on this effort! I could think of no better talent for a Cleveland cover than one of the great legends of Cleveland shredding on this track,” says Anthony Anselmo, Producer and Keyboardist of Picasso’s Dream.

Along for the ride are regulars Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigalow on Bass, and Tony Kertis on Saxophone. “Serenity” was recorded at Blue Moon Studios in Columbus, Ohio, with Grammy Award-winning producer Paris Hollins mixing and mastering.

“Gravity was one of my major influences as I began my musical career. I would drive up to Cleveland several times a year to see these talented individuals play. They were a major inspiration for me to start my own band. Now it’s great to come full circle and pay tribute to them,” continued Anselmo.

With all the chaos going on in the world right now, Picasso’s Dream hopes the song will bring some peace and “serenity” to fans everywhere. The band is offering the track for FREE to download off their BandCamp page.

“In these current times we’re living in, I hope this song works to bring people together and help those going through turbulent times. It truly is an honor to cover this great masterpiece,” says Anselmo.

More information about Picasso’s Dream can be found at www.PicassosDream.com.


New Progressive Rock Single from The Anselmo Project – A Child’s Dream

Progressive Rock - The Anselmo Project - A Child's Dream

PRESS RELEASE – COLUMBUS OHIO – The Anselmo Project re-releases Progressive Rock single A Child’s Dream from the upcoming David the Elder album.

The Anselmo Project the solo project of Picasso’s Dream keyboardist Anthony  S. Anselmo has re-released A Child’s Dream, a remixed and remastered version of the song.

The single is from the upcoming Progressive Rock Concept album David the Elder. The song is an instrumental rock epic with multiple tapestries of sound. Combining both Synthwave and Progressive elements the song is a feast for musically inclined ears.

The Progressive Rock Story

After a lifetime of adventures in a world of his own creation, the Boy settles into a season of rest. However, it would not be for soon he would face his greatest challenge. An outsider appears in his otherworld. A Man of mystery, who is familiar to the Boy, had he the opportunity to know the man.

The song features brilliant guitar work from XterraBill who has worked with Anselmo throughout the album. Also, Prog-veteran Alex Lazcano adds the heavy bass and Logan Wrainright is once again featured on drums.

“In preparation for the full album Tony Thompson has remixed the song to provide better clarity for each of the instruments. He really made the drums really ‘pop’ now and the clarity of the overall instruments can be heard.” says Anselmo.

The upcoming Progressive Rock concept album is based upon a story from Anselmo’s long-time partner Daniel Noland and features numerous talented individuals from all over the world.

A Child’s Dream is available via The Anselmo Project bandcamp page and soon to be available on all streaming platforms. More information can be found at www.AnthonyAnselmo.com.