Picasso’s Dream and The Anselmo Project Unveil Highly Anticipated New Music!

Streetcar Race Single

Columbus, Ohio – Oct 17th – Music enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an exhilarating musical journey as Anthony S. Anselmo, the mastermind behind Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock Band Picasso’s Dream, and his personal project, The Anselmo Project, announce the release of their highly anticipated new music.

After an intensive four-year creative endeavor, Picasso’s Dream is back with a bang, welcoming original Guitarist Chase VanderMaas back into the fold. Their latest offering, “Streetcar Race,” features the full lineup, with Max Bigalow on Bass, Vincent Simon on Drums, and Tony Kertis on Saxophone, promising a powerful and immersive sonic experience.

In addition to the Picasso’s Dream release, Anthony S. Anselmo’s solo venture presents “Feed the Machine,” the lead single from his upcoming record. This funky track boasts a collaborative effort from talented musicians spanning the globe, including lyrics by John Heaven, Vocals by Cree Patterson, Bass by Gregory Iaria, Drums by Chuck McDowell, Guitars by TheV, and expert mixing by Tom Hellsten. “Feed the Machine” captures an eclectic atmosphere, showcasing the fusion of diverse musical influences and Anselmo’s creative genius.

“Very happy to be working with Chase again,” expressed Anselmo, whose bands Picasso’s Dream and Blue August have been stalwarts of the rock scene in Columbus, Cleveland, and Central Ohio for the past decade. “Lots of new music coming over the next few months… I can’t wait to get this out to everyone.”

Music enthusiasts can dive into the captivating sounds of Picasso’s Dream and The Anselmo Project through various platforms, including Bandcamp and popular streaming services:

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Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and moved as Picasso’s Dream and The Anselmo Project redefine the musical landscape with their latest releases.