May 2020

New Progressive Rock single from The Anselmo Project – “The Visitor”

The Anselmo Project releases new Progressive Rock single 'The Visitor' from the upcoming David the Elder album.

PRESS RELEASE – COLUMBUS OHIO – The Anselmo Project releases Progressive Rock single The Visitor from the upcoming David the Elder album.

The Anselmo Project the solo project of Picasso’s Dream keyboardist Anthony  S. Anselmo has released a new single featuring the talented Louis A. Marchena and Cam Stark (No Rest.)

The new single The Visitor is from the upcoming Progressive Rock Concept album David the Elder. The song features the discussion between the protagonist and antagonist as they discuss the events around them. 

The Progressive Rock Story

“Louis plays David the Elder, who is an average working man mysteriously thrown into a world of strange weird creatures. He finds himself in a world where he has the ability to create anything his heart desires. And he encounters a young boy who has been living in this world and has these same powers as he does,” says Anselmo. “Cam plays the part of the boy who can not understand the adult nature of the man.”

The song features brilliant and elegant acoustic guitar work from Francesco Mega who has worked with Anselmo on previous efforts. The song takes an acoustic approach to the story shaping as if it were a theatrical presentation.

“So I really wanted to make you feel as you were watching a grand opera on stage for this, ” says Anselmo.

 The Progressive Rock concept album is based upon a story from Anselmo’s long-time partner Daniel Noland and features numerous talented individuals from all over the world.

“Daniel had this amazing story he had written and is planning to turn into a series of books. Meanwhile I quickly realized this could become an amazing concept album similar to the likes of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, or Metropolis Part II.” says Anselmo.

Artwork for the album is created by the talented Jason Bascom, known for his comics and album artwork from Something Involving A Monkey.

The Visitor is available via The Anselmo Project bandcamp page and soon to be available on all streaming platforms. More information can be found at