The Anselmo Project Launches ‘A Boatload of Hypocrisy’ EP

Founder promotes EP for those who have served.

At age 35, Anthony S. Anselmo decided to start a band. Years later he has become the premier Keyboardist Entertainer in the Central Ohio region.

A prolific Keyboardist inspired by the days when synths where at the top of mix, Anthony grew up with Progressive Rock pioneers such as Genesis, Yes and Dream Theater. Combining styles ranging from 70’s to today, Anthony has become the sound of the ‘giant synth.’

His first band Picasso’s Dream became the staple of Progressive Rock shows in the Central Ohio region. Providing hypnotic rock with amazing visuals, the Picasso’s Dream shows were an experience not seen outside the realm of the big arena acts.

In 2015 Anthony released his self-titled work ‘Uncommon Sense’ with the The Anselmo Project working with individuals from New Zealand to Washington State. Combining hard hitting Progressive Metal with Instrumental Progressive Rock tunes ‘Uncommon Sense’ broke new ground in songwriting and experimentation.

In later 2015 Anthony joined Blue August, one of the most unique and amazing Rock Power House acts in the Columbus area. Bringing his visual style the Blue August experience have become the ‘not to miss’ show in Columbus!

With several projects both with full bands and solo work; Anthony continues to be the most sought out Keyboardist in the Ohio region. “A Boatload of Hypocrisy’ continued his musical endeavors in support of the USA military and all those who have served.

“The songs on this EP work to help promote the idea that if we are going to send our boys and girls into harm’s way, we better make sure it’s for the right reason,” says Anthony.

The EP features amazing vocals from David Czoschke and Picasso’s Dream Drummer Brian Randolph. The infamous Harald Kay returns on drums with fellow friends Dave Mahler, Dave Boyer, Rod Smith, Daniel Moore, Rod Z, Josh Miller, Francesco Mega, and Jonathan Shaffer helped to contribute to the EP.

‘A Boatload of Hypocrisy’ will be available Memorial Day, May 30th 2016 on all Music Distribution channels such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

A free preview is available at the Anselmo Project Bandcamp site.

Press Contact – Anthony Anselmo

Blue August Releases Debut Album!

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Blue August Launches Debut Album

“Emotional storytelling through music.”

Blue August – a local independent band is releasing their debut album to all digital download locations on Monday May 2nd.

Originating from Columbus Ohio, Blue August is hard hitting rock songs with amazing musicianship. The two Stephen’s, Stephen Davy and Stephen Jones trade off on vocals as they perform songs with such soul and passion; rarely seen on the independent scene. Jay Ott provides amazing guitar skills to help paint the artwork while Anthony S. Anselmo’s synths provides the grounding for the tapestries.

With such richness, combined with imaginative and thoughtful lyrics, Blue August combines a bit of the old and the new. With elements of Classic and Modern rock, Blue August’s sound transverses through the ages of Rock history.

Drummer Stephen Davy about the new album…”Its truly a gift when you can play music with emotion and play it with musicians who are so talented. We can write what we feel because we’re comfortable enough around each other to encourage expression. Each song starts with a groove on bass and drums and then you add Jays ability to use his guitar to enhance the emotion in the lyrics. Add onto that for many years we’ve heard the keyboards in our heads and now with Anthony we are surrounded by it, truly taking the music to the next level. ”

Guitarist Jay Ott notes the important accomplishment of the first album. “The band has been working on these songs for about three years now, so they have really come into their own. We’re extremely proud of this release. I look forward to our next effort as much as I enjoyed helping create this one.”

A preview of the album can be found a for digital download. The album will be available for purchase and download on May 2nd from ITunes, Amazon and streaming on Spotify.

More information about the band and upcoming performances can be reached at

Press Contact – Anthony Anselmo

Blue August – Debut Album Available via Bandcamp

My band’s album is available for an early preview via Bandcamp. You can download it at!

They guys and myself have worked extremely hard to bring you this collection of great rock music! “Emotional storytelling through music.” Combining a bit of the old with the new Blue August is hard hitting rock songs in various colorful tapestries.