Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches their new single for Unstoppable Force.

(Columbus OH) – Picasso’s Dream – Central Ohio’s Premier Progressive Rock group launches their new single for Unstoppable Force. Unstoppable Force features both newcomer Chris Bianchi on Guitar and Tony Kertis on Sax.

Unstoppable Force is the first in the upcoming second full featured album from Picasso’s Dream currently wrapping up production. The album features Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigalow on Bass and returning is Anthony S. Anselmo on keyboards.

Produced and recorded at Blue Moon Studios in Central Ohio, Picasso’s Dream second album will feature an array of new instrumental tracks as well as vocals from various members.

“We basically set out what we wanted to accomplish in the first album,” says keyboardist Anthony S. Anselmo. “We discovered a lot of our talented members could sing so we realized we had to start incorporating this into our music as well.”

“The new album really features the increased complexity of the group as a whole.” says bassist Max Bigalow. “It was an ultimate pleasure making it and a joy to work with the incredible Paris Hollins at Blue Moon Studio who made the process easy and painless.”

It’s been four years since Picasso’s Dream’s Debut album that became a central Ohio  staple for Hypnotic Progressive Rock. With the upcoming album the team hopes to continue their legacy to the Midwest area.

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Music Update

Things have been quiet, but busy here in Central Ohio. 

In Blue August news, I have decided to part ways with the band again. Blue August III should come out at some point but I will not be supporting it. Wish I could say more here but I’ll just leave it at that. 

Work progresses on the new batch of Picasso’s Dream bits. We have a bunch of songs in various bits and pieces. Just waiting for some final touches to be put on and we will be getting them out there. We have a handful of gigs we are planning for 2019 as well. 

Work is almost done with the upcoming The Anselmo Project album. The next epic requires a huge amount of work due to the huge complexity of moving parts. In the meantime good old Paris Hollins @ Blue Moon Studio is remastering some stuff for me. Look for a new release including these remixes coming soon.

Lots of exciting stuff coming out, so stay tuned to various social media pages or right here on AnthonyAnselmo.com

Leaving Facebook…

An now on a serious note…

I have made the decision to leave Facebook. As much as it will hinder my ability to reach new fans of my music I find that more and more Facebook’s business decisions becoming deplorable and if not downright disgusting.

Facebook’s business model is basically to track and sell your information. As someone who works for his full time job in the Analytics industry I can tell you Facebook’s goal is to track you around the internet so they get you to purchase items specific to ‘you.’ 

Anything that possibly competes or goes against their business model, they will censor, or terminate. As a company, their terms of services are completely subjective only when it suits their agenda. While they have many deplorable actions the biggest crime is their completely disregard for your personal privacy and information. While I can’t fault them for having to figure this out since they were the first in the industry, I can blame them for their complete repugnant attitude towards it.

I will still continue to promote the Facebook Band pages through the ‘back-channel’ however, I will not be sharing anything personal on here and completely deleting my account on my birthday December 21st. I can not longer participate in a system that works against my own self preservation. 

For those that want to follow me I’m going back to ‘old-school’ in that you can follow me on my website www.anthonyanselmo.com. For those who know me personally you probably already have my email address and phone number. If not, this is the time to get it from me. I will also be keeping my Instagram account for the time being, but that too may go away since this is a Facebook property. 

Likewise Google stuff will be slowly diminished as much as possible. I have yet to find a replacement for YouTube but I’m sure something will come along in time.

As well please consider yourself ditching Facebook. While this platform is a large part of our lives, their business practices do not deserve your business nor your information. Remember, if it’s free YOU are the product.

Check this video out on how to quit social media


Check this video out how to delete Facebook.


If you looking to protect your privacy check out the Brave Browser




Blue August – the Award Winning Band from Columbus Ohio has released their latest single ‘Betrayed.’ Their first new release since 2016’s Blue August II EP.

Betrayed featured the newly expanded Blue August lineup. Veteran Anthony S. Anselmo returns to provide keyboards and Executive Producing support. Newcomers Cook provides Guitar, Robert Conaway provides additional Piano/backing vocals and Spencer Manual (from Still First in Space fame) performs Lead Guitar. The result is a hard hitting rock masterpiece of epic proportions.

“Betrayed was one of many new ideas that (Stephen) Jones and I came up with and it immediately sent chills down our spines!” says and lead singer Stephen Davy. 

Produced at Blue Moon Studios in central Columbus, Betrayed featured the band’s new expanded sound. Mastered by Grammy Award Winning Paris Hollins the song has a sonic sound never heard before.

“We were throughly thrilled with the production quality at Blue Moon,” says Bassist and singer Stephen Jones. “Blue August at Blue Moon! It’s a win win!”

“We’re extremely excited about the future,” continues Stephen Davy. “We have a great extended family now that we feel will take us to the next level.”

The new single can be downloaded at BlueAugust.Bandcamp.com

Blue August recently performed at the Madison County Fair to a crowd of thousands. More information of the band can be found at www.BlueAugustBand.com



Picasso’s Dream Central Ohio’s Premier Hypnotic Progressive Rock launches their new single ‘Bates Motel’ this coming May 28th.

Picasso’s Dream is the brain child of Cleveland to Columbus native Anthony ‘Picasso’ Anselmo. At 35, Anthony decided to fulfill his life long dream to start a band. Anthony was inspired to shape the band by combining visual imagery that specifically tied into instrumental Progressive Rock. After a long extensive effort Anthony met Nyack New York native/Nashville inspired classic rocker Chase VanderMaas who shared the same passion of Progressive Rock. Chase invited Brian Randolph (Drummer/Singer from Calling Caine) and Carl Perry (Bassist from Calling Caine) to jam. Very shortly afterwards Picasso’s Dream was founded.

In the spring of 2017, Picasso’s Dream was reformed as version 2.0 adding former live Bassist Max Bigelow, and Drummer extraordinaire Vincent Simon. Special Guest star Tony Kertis also to joins on the wailing Saxophone. 

Bates Motel is the first official release of the reformed band. Inspired by the 1960 movie Psycho, Bates Motel tells the story of the disturbed Norman Bates from inside his head and the series of actions that take place in the movie.

“The song was originally started back when Carl and Brian were in the band,” says Keyboardist and Co-Producer Anthony S. Anselmo. “It was lingering for a year until we brought it back into the spotlight with the reformation of the band. I’m extremely happy to finally see it brought to its full potential.”

“This song is really a personal journey for me. I’m pulling on numerous guitar influences interwoven together to create a hard-hitting rock tapestry. Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, etc… all the of my guitar influences are in this song.”

You can download the single from the band’s BandCamp site at picassosdream.bandcamp.com. Release to digital stores forthcoming.

For more information on Picasso’s Dream check out their Facebook page at…


Looks for Picasso’s Dream to be touring the Midwest all summer in 2018!

Press Contact – Anthony S. Anselmo


Picasso’s Dream – Is Back!

A now a major announcement!

Chase VanderMaas and Anthony S. Anselmo have decided to continue with the Picasso’s Dream band!

First off we want to thank and always respect Brian Randolph and Carl Perry. Unfortunately at this time Carl and Brian can’t join us due to their schedules and their work with Calling Caine. We will always have them in our hearts and be ever appreciative for their help to get Picasso’s Dream off the ground.

As such, Chase and Anthony have decided to call this effort ‘Picasso’s Dream 2.0’. Here is where we take the band to the next level of Progressive rock!

We are in the process of setting up a State-wide show for 2018 featuring both Picasso’s Dream classics and stuff from the Anselmo / VanderMaas Footsteps album. Joining us on bass is our old friend Jared Wade who filled in back in the early days. Also joining us on drums in an incredible drummer from South East Ohio area Mr. Vincent Simon.

We will also have special guest stars joining us as the time comes. So stay to tuned to the Official Picassos’ Dream page as we gear up for an amazing 2018…..

Concrete Ocean – New Single from No Rest

Chase VanderMaas, and Anthony S Anselmo recently contributed to Cam Stark’s Concrete ocean. You can download a copy at the No Rest Bandcamp Site.

“About two years ago I met a very nice gentlemen by the name of Cam Stark. He and I bonding with our frustrations of trying to create music in the Columbus scene. He sent me a demo of a song he was working, written by Brandon Roper and I instantly fell in love with it. Soon after numerous other people gravitated to this song and before you know it we had a full fledged recording. Please to present this treasure after many months. Featuring the impeccable Chase VanderMaas on Lead and always on time Harald Kay… Concrete Ocean.”


‘A Child’s Dream’ Single Now Available

Happy to Announce the release of my latest single ‘A Child’s Dream.’ This song is part of the upcoming album I’m working on based on a book from Daniel Noland! Inspired a bit from listening to both Pink Floyd and Dynatron it’s a musical journey into the fantasy of the mind!


NOTE: BUY the single within the first week and proceeds go towards Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief!
SHARE then and get a liner credit on my next album!

Blue August Launches New EP

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Blue August Launches New EP

“Continuing the emotional storytelling through music.”

Blue August – the award winning local independent band is releasing their debut EP to all digital download locations on Friday Sept 30th.

Originating from Columbus Ohio, Blue August is hard hitting rock songs with amazing musicianship. The two Stephen’s, Stephen Davy and Stephen Jones trade off on vocals as they perform songs with such soul and passion; rarely seen on the independent scene. Jay Ott provides amazing guitar skills to help paint the artwork while Anthony S. Anselmo’s synths provides the grounding for the tapestries.

With such richness, combined with imaginative and thoughtful lyrics, Blue August combines a bit of the old and the new. With elements of Classic and Modern rock, Blue August’s sound transverses through the ages of Rock history.

The new EP provides a great new example and a more reflective example of the Blue August sound. Produced by Jim Cummings of Soundstage Productions in Climax Michigan, “the new EP literally jumps out of the headphones!” says Drummer Stephen Davy.

“We feel this new EP really reflects what we are capable of doing and are extremely proud of the sound quality.” continues Davy. “Jim did an amazing job of capturing our unique sound.”

Two singles “Promise” and “Heart like Stone” have been released to the public and already received critical acclaim. Likewise a documentary of the making of the EP will be released later this year.

“We’re working on a throughly funny and entertaining documentary of the progress of coming together as as a band and making the album,” says Keyboardist Anthony S. Anselmo. “I think it is a great insight to the hard work and effort that goes into a band and the dedication one has.”

The album can be found a http://blueaugust.bandcamp.com for digital download. The album will be available for purchase and download on Oct 30th from ITunes, Amazon and streaming on Spotify.

More information about the band and upcoming performances can be reached at www.blueaugustband.com.

Press Contact – Anthony Anselmo

Anselmo / VanderMaas released new ‘Concept’ album

“Footsteps” is the first studio recording since the 2015 ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ from Picasso’s Dream. The dynamic duo of Chase VanderMaas and Anthony S Anselmo return to provide gripping tales in “music” and “mystery”… in true ‘concept album’ format.

With former Progressive Rock pioneers either retired or producing ‘Walt Disney’ like stories, VanderMaas and Anselmo set out to produce something that is both unique and original.

Joined by world-renowned Harald Kay on drums, this is the first album featuring various guest appearances from great artists around the globe. Derek Barlas provided complimentary guitars to the majority of the tracks and Francesco Mega provide an amazing acoustic guitar performance on ‘Double Crossed’. The album also featuring amazing work from Anna Vashneva, George Schiessl and Steve Dauphinais.

The album also sports amazing artwork from Cayenne Chris Conroy, world renowned announcer and voice actor.

“What is probably the most amazing thing about this album; is that the majority of the parts were recorded around the around the world. “ says Anselmo. “It is an example of modern day collaboration that can produce amazing results.”

“This truly is an epic collection of everything I’ve needed to say,” quotes VanderMaas. “We really wanted to do something that was epic in the style of all our influences.”

VanderMaas also provide vocals for the first time on this album, featuring the heart thumping ‘How Much to Drop a Bomb?” and the memorizing ‘Seasons Change.”

The ten tracks on the album, which was mixed by Anselmo himself are the following…

Hey It’s My Turn
When You Get Back Home
How Much to Drop a Bomb?
Far From Beyond Here
Seasons Change
Double Crossed
Childhood Innocence
Giant Footsteps
So Happy, So Sad

“Footsteps” is available now as a preview on the bandcamp site, and will be available for full distribution later in June.