New Progressive Rock Single – ‘Serenity’ by Picasso’s Dream featuring the Cleveland legend Rick Ray.

Progressive Rock Single - Serenity

PRESS RELEASE – COLUMBUS OHIO – Picasso’s Dream Central Ohio’s premier progressive rock band, releases new single “Serenity,” featuring Cleveland legend Rick Ray. “Serenity” was originally written and recorded by Cleveland-based progressive rock band Gravity on their 2010 album Midnight Sonata. Picasso’s Dream is excited to pay tribute to this inspiring band from the rock and roll capital of the world.

Progressive Rock at its Finest!

The song features guest guitarist Rick Ray from the Rick Ray Orbital Transmitter. Rick Ray has been a Cleveland staple for over 50 years. He’s has played to numerous Cleveland crowds and opening for popular groups such as Blue Oyster Cult, Fates Warning, and Kansas.

“It’s an absolute thrill to have Rick star with us on this effort! I could think of no better talent for a Cleveland cover than one of the great legends of Cleveland shredding on this track,” says Anthony Anselmo, Producer and Keyboardist of Picasso’s Dream.

Along for the ride are regulars Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigalow on Bass, and Tony Kertis on Saxophone. “Serenity” was recorded at Blue Moon Studios in Columbus, Ohio, with Grammy Award-winning producer Paris Hollins mixing and mastering.

“Gravity was one of my major influences as I began my musical career. I would drive up to Cleveland several times a year to see these talented individuals play. They were a major inspiration for me to start my own band. Now it’s great to come full circle and pay tribute to them,” continued Anselmo.

With all the chaos going on in the world right now, Picasso’s Dream hopes the song will bring some peace and “serenity” to fans everywhere. The band is offering the track for FREE to download off their BandCamp page.

“In these current times we’re living in, I hope this song works to bring people together and help those going through turbulent times. It truly is an honor to cover this great masterpiece,” says Anselmo.

More information about Picasso’s Dream can be found at www.PicassosDream.com.