New Progressive Rock Single from The Anselmo Project – A Child’s Dream

Progressive Rock - The Anselmo Project - A Child's Dream

PRESS RELEASE – COLUMBUS OHIO – The Anselmo Project re-releases Progressive Rock single A Child’s Dream from the upcoming David the Elder album.

The Anselmo Project the solo project of Picasso’s Dream keyboardist Anthony  S. Anselmo has re-released A Child’s Dream, a remixed and remastered version of the song.

The single is from the upcoming Progressive Rock Concept album David the Elder. The song is an instrumental rock epic with multiple tapestries of sound. Combining both Synthwave and Progressive elements the song is a feast for musically inclined ears.

The Progressive Rock Story

After a lifetime of adventures in a world of his own creation, the Boy settles into a season of rest. However, it would not be for soon he would face his greatest challenge. An outsider appears in his otherworld. A Man of mystery, who is familiar to the Boy, had he the opportunity to know the man.

The song features brilliant guitar work from XterraBill who has worked with Anselmo throughout the album. Also, Prog-veteran Alex Lazcano adds the heavy bass and Logan Wrainright is once again featured on drums.

“In preparation for the full album Tony Thompson has remixed the song to provide better clarity for each of the instruments. He really made the drums really ‘pop’ now and the clarity of the overall instruments can be heard.” says Anselmo.

The upcoming Progressive Rock concept album is based upon a story from Anselmo’s long-time partner Daniel Noland and features numerous talented individuals from all over the world.

A Child’s Dream is available via The Anselmo Project bandcamp page and soon to be available on all streaming platforms. More information can be found at