The Anselmo Project - Uncommon Sense Album
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release date
19 Dec 2015

The ground breaking Progressive Rock album from Anthony S. Anselmo

Uncommon Sense

  • Space Station Ten
  • Destruction
  • Pretty Bird (Happy Reconnaissance)
  • Beyond Destiny
  • Teknikal Diffikulties
  • Get Me Through
  • Happy Molested Boy
  • Anger
  • Sad Space Opera
  • Starting Over

This album would never have been possible without the donation of time and talent to multiple musicians from and the Columbus Ohio area. I am enternally grateful to their time and talent that they donated to help me make my dream come to an reality. [Contributors to each song listed on individual track information.] Special thanks go out... Jesse, Dan, David, Sela, Craig and Chris Conroy for helping to fill in the void. Harold for his amazing drumming giving me that ‘Phil Collins’ sound. Bill Babacock for his amazing mixing and mastering advice. My brothers in Picasso’s Dream (Chase, Brian, Carl and sometimes Jared!) Thank you so much for helping me get on the right path. My brothers in Blue August (Jones, Davy and Jay). My Cleveland brothers from Gravity and Ego who inspired me. Thank you Eric, Joe, Vikram, Brian, Mike, Dan and Matt for the encouragement and inspiration. My family, Mom, Dad, Sisters, In-Laws, Nieces, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and everything else in-between. My wonderful Piano teachers J. Patty (where ever you may be) and Debbie Brennan. My feathered children, past, present and whatever the future may provide. Thanks to Sweetwater for their technical contributors. There is no Fairlight on this record... I think.... Super duper thanks to Daniel, light of my life, guiding star, flame of my loin. And of course Satan! Recorded all over Planet Earth!

Space Station Ten - Dedicated to all the brave men and women of NASA.

Pretty Bird (Happy Reconnissance) - Dedicated to Rudy.

Happy Molested Boy - Dedicated to survivors of Male Sexual Abuse.

Sad Space Opera - Dedicated to the crews of Challenger and Discovery.