Walk On Out the Door

Tony Kertis - Saxophone
Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards, MIDI Guitar
Chase VanderMaas - Guitars
Vincent Simon - Drums
Max Bigelow - Bass
Dee Jazzaz - Vocals

Picasso’s Dream – Walk On Out the Door – Single

  • Walk On Out the Door

Picasso's Dream central Ohio's Premier Progressive Rock group releases new Progressive Jazz single 'Walk On Out the Door' featuring Dee Jazzaz.

'Walk On Out the Door' is a song written by the groups saxophone-ist Tony Kertis.
v The song tells a story of a man desperate to leave the confines of a bad relationship. Tony tells the story as such...

"I had a coworker come in one day, he grabbed a secret stash of money from underneath the desk and said 'If my wife calls delay her for three hours till I get out of the state.'"

The single features both returning champion Chase VanderMaas on Guitars, Max Bigalow on Bass, Vincent Simon on Drums, Anthony S. Anselmo on keys, and of course Tony Kertis on Saxophone.

On vocals the elegent Dee Jazzaz who has worked with Anselmo previously on his solo effort such as 'David the Elder.' Dee provides the soulful lyrics telling the intricate story.

About Picasso's Dream
Progressive Rock. The final frontier of musicianship. Setting new course for destinations yet unknown Picasso’s Dream sets themselves apart from the ordinary.

Combining the best talents of modern technology and professional expertise; Picasso’s Dream presents an all inclusive experience.

So step aboard the starship and come join us on the journey across the Universe.