Explorers Single
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release date
Oct 23 2023

Anthony S. Anselmo - Keyboards
Till K, TheV, Famous Synthwave YouTuber - Guitars
Chuck McDowell - Drums
Philippe Pansard - Bass
Cam Stark - Vocals

Vocals recorded @ Blue Moon Studios in Columbus, Ohio
Vocal producer - Paris Hollins

Mixed by Gustavo Madrid

Special Thanks to Tom Hellsten, Gregory Iaria
Written by Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle

Explorers – Single

  • Explorers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Anselmo Project Pays Homage to The Midnight with New Single "Explorers" Columbus, OH - [Date] - Renowned musician Anthony S. Anselmo, the creative force behind Central Ohio's Premier Progressive Rock Band Picasso's Dream and his solo endeavor, The Anselmo Project, is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, "Explorers." This tribute cover, a rock rendition of The Midnight's hit track from their Kids album, showcases Anselmo's musical prowess and creativity, offering listeners a fresh perspective on the acclaimed Synthwave band's iconic sound.

In this rendition, The Anselmo Project enlisted a lineup of exceptionally talented musicians to elevate the song to new heights in the realm of modern rock. The track features TheV on Guitar, Chuck McDowell on drums, Philippe Pansard on Bass, and the soulful vocals of Cam Stark, a local talent from the Columbus region. Stark's previous collaborations with Anselmo on projects like No Rest and Anselmo's last album, 'David the Elder,' have already proven to be a dynamic partnership.

"Been a fan of The Midnight for a few years now. A few years ago they released their separations for artists to create their own interpretations, and I had to jump on this one song," expressed Anselmo, reflecting his deep admiration for The Midnight's work. Anselmo is not only dedicated to crafting remarkable covers but is also actively working on unveiling long-lost Picasso's Dream music, promising exciting releases in the near future.

"Explorers" is now available for FREE on popular platforms such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud, inviting music enthusiasts to experience this captivating homage firsthand:

For more information about The Anselmo Project, Picasso's Dream, and Anthony S. Anselmo, please visit www.anthonyanselmo.com. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and announcements from this gifted musician, as he continues to captivate audiences with his extraordinary musical journey.

About The Anselmo Project: The Anselmo Project is the brainchild of Anthony S. Anselmo, a highly skilled musician and the mastermind behind Central Ohio's Premier Progressive Rock Band Picasso's Dream. With a passion for creative expression, The Anselmo Project explores diverse musical genres, offering listeners a unique blend of soundscapes and artistic interpretations. Through soulful covers and original compositions, Anselmo continues to leave a lasting impression on music enthusiasts worldwide.

Press Contact: Anthony S. Anselmo