And now a special announcement…

It has become more and more aware to me each day that Facebook/Instagram is not the place to promote material. With the continued censorship and general douchebaggery it is obvious that these are not products anyone should be using. As someone who works in the analytics industry I can tell you that Facebook is very Orwellian in the way they treat customer data. They want to track you at any cost possible and it is frankly disgusting. 

As such there will be a migration of all properties away from Facebook and Instagram with the inevitable deletion of pages and accounts. While I realize this may hinder my reach to the public, it helps me sleep better at night knowing that I am not contributing to the problem. 

If you have enjoyed the music I recommend following the following Bandcamp pages and personal websites

For those of you curious I highly recommend you conduct some research on Facebook’s evasive and illegal data collection practices and educate yourself. 

Beyond that I hope to see you on the flip side…

Anthony S. Anselmo

P.S. Don’t use Google either….