Why is Firefox so Great

This has been something I’ve been meaning to write for a while. It was reported Europe has jumped on the Firefox bandwagon and started to give some real heat to Internet Explorer. Many people all over the world are clamoring on how great Firefox is. But why did Firefox succeed where Netscape 8, Opera and others have failed? Is it the easy to use, simple interface? The faster page loads? The fact that security is much better? The tabbed interface? The better web architecture, or just the ability to give your wife something to keep your booksmarks separate from her’s?

No, I tend to argue that the reason why Firefox caught on where others failed was due to the it’s really well designed icon. The Firefox icon jumps right out at you on any desktop with any background. It’s great combination of rich bold colours, combined with a neat looking idea, really make the browser stand out next to the singular blue Internet Explorer or the boring ‘O’ from Opera. As well there is no letter associated with this but a view of the world surrounded by a spiritual fox. I might point out you don’t even see the fox’s eyes, which I would garner, if shown might have made the logo look too childish or even scary.

The Firefox logo is a simplistic work of art in itself. It justs looks good and works well. It entices you to launch something and it harkens back to the days of 16 bit systems with colour games that gave you the idea of what you were going to play, and not the need to be photo realistic. This combination of a stylist cartoon and stylistic drawing also works for Mozilla Thunderbird icon, although not as well as the Firefox one.

The icon uses the three most vibrant colours on the color wheel, yellow red and blue. This makes the icon stand out on even the worst desktops. There’s also white space (as seen one of again in the Opera ‘O’, so the icon looks more ‘full’ and more complete. It’s easier to find in the Apple Dock.

This combined with a great user interface design and experience, plus stripping out all the advance crap you don’t need in a web browser is the reason why Firefox is current shaking up the internet world. Where IE has been way too complex, and riddles with bugs and unstability, and Safari is way too simple for advance users. Firefox hits the ‘just right’ mark in both design and functionality making it the dominant web browser in terms of design for years to come.

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