Thank you Steve Jobs!

My Apple IIe was our first family computer. My school had Texas Instruments and TRS-80’s, but the Apple IIe was my first real love. I had that machine for seven years until the ‘T’ key simple would not type anymore. I begged and pleaded my parents for a new Macintosh and finally they used that thing that my Dad never…read more →

Why Chrome is now beating Firefox

In reference to ‘The Rise of Chrome‘. It’s not often that you can start from scratch and create an amazingly easy product. Yet Google does that so efficently with Google Chrome that you have to ask the question why wasn’t this done sooner? I’ve watched the Internet evolve over the past (what) 12 years? I’ve seen Browser Wars 1.0 and…read more →

Why is Firefox so Great

This has been something I’ve been meaning to write for a while. It was reported Europe has jumped on the Firefox bandwagon and started to give some real heat to Internet Explorer. Many people all over the world are clamoring on how great Firefox is. But why did Firefox succeed where Netscape 8, Opera and others have failed? Is it…read more →

Kill Phil – Collins stars in new computer game

Phil Collins appears in the new video game Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories, just released (for PSP) by Rockstar Games. Collins plays himself in the latest in the hugely popular and successful GTA series, which is set in Miami in the 80s, and great attention to detail has been paid to everything – the cars, the clothes, the…read more →