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Twirl is an Zapbots Head Masters from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era: 1990

Description: Twirl is binary-bonded to Jeremy. Jeremy is one of Anthony's Earth friends. Friendly and crazy at times, Twirl enjoy destroying the enemy at any cost.

  • Transformation: Helicopter
  • Weapons: Double Shooter, Missile Launchers, Laser Guns
  • Special Weapons: Blades
  • Shields: Strong 15 hours
  • Speed: 200 MPH
  • Armor: Medium 5 Inches
  • Communications: Radio
  • Target/Tracking: Scanners, Radar
  • Weakness: A little wild
  • Transformer Inspiration: Blades?
  • Family: None


Original Series

Behind the Scenes

Jeremy was my Grandma's neighbor down in Florida. We traded pen pal letters before the days of eMail and the Internet. I lost touch with him some time ago.

era: 1987
era: 1988