The Anselmo Project releases new single from the upcoming David the Elder album. 


The Anselmo Project – releases new single from the upcoming David the Elder album. 

The Anselmo Project the side solo project of Picasso’s Dream keyboardist Anthony (Picasso) S. Anselmo has released a new single featuring a cavalcade of famous individuals, with singers all from the Central Ohio area.

The Battle of the Minds features multiple talent stemming from numerous bands that Anthony S. Anselmo has worked with over the past seven years. On the song are Stephen Jones (Blue August), Max Bigelow (Picasso’s Dream), Brian Randolph (Picasso’s Dream) and Ethan Kitchen (Still First in Space.)

The talented Pat Waldorf provides amazing guitar work,  prog-veteran Alex Lazcano on bass and Logan Wrainright on drums.

The song is part of an ongoing story of which will be revealed on the upcoming David the Elder record, currently being wrapped up. In the Battle of the Minds,  four singers play the part of the strange world elementals as they debate the upcoming crisis.

The Progressive Rock concept album is based upon a story from Anthony’s long-time partner Daniel Noland. Featuring numerous talented individuals from around the world, the album paints a story of a lone man, trapped in a mysterious world and the strange events that occur around him.

“Daniel had this amazing story he had written that he hopes to turn in a series of books one-day. In the meantime, I quickly realized this could become an amazing concept album similar to the likes of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, or Metropolis Part II.” says Anselmo.

“Earlier this year the single Alone was released featuring numerous talented individuals. This song is the next chapter in the story. We hope to have the album out by the end of the year.”

The Battle of the Minds is available via The Anselmo Project bandcamp page and soon to be available on all streaming platforms. 

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