May 2019

Music Update

Things have been quiet, but busy here in Central Ohio. 

In Blue August news, I have decided to part ways with the band again. Blue August III should come out at some point but I will not be supporting it. Wish I could say more here but I’ll just leave it at that. 

Work progresses on the new batch of Picasso’s Dream bits. We have a bunch of songs in various bits and pieces. Just waiting for some final touches to be put on and we will be getting them out there. We have a handful of gigs we are planning for 2019 as well. 

Work is almost done with the upcoming The Anselmo Project album. The next epic requires a huge amount of work due to the huge complexity of moving parts. In the meantime good old Paris Hollins @ Blue Moon Studio is remastering some stuff for me. Look for a new release including these remixes coming soon.

Lots of exciting stuff coming out, so stay tuned to various social media pages or right here on