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Leaving Facebook…

An now on a serious note…

I have made the decision to leave Facebook. As much as it will hinder my ability to reach new fans of my music I find that more and more Facebook’s business decisions becoming deplorable and if not downright disgusting.

Facebook’s business model is basically to track and sell your information. As someone who works for his full time job in the Analytics industry I can tell you Facebook’s goal is to track you around the internet so they get you to purchase items specific to ‘you.’ 

Anything that possibly competes or goes against their business model, they will censor, or terminate. As a company, their terms of services are completely subjective only when it suits their agenda. While they have many deplorable actions the biggest crime is their completely disregard for your personal privacy and information. While I can’t fault them for having to figure this out since they were the first in the industry, I can blame them for their complete repugnant attitude towards it.

I will still continue to promote the Facebook Band pages through the ‘back-channel’ however, I will not be sharing anything personal on here and completely deleting my account on my birthday December 21st. I can not longer participate in a system that works against my own self preservation. 

For those that want to follow me I’m going back to ‘old-school’ in that you can follow me on my website For those who know me personally you probably already have my email address and phone number. If not, this is the time to get it from me. I will also be keeping my Instagram account for the time being, but that too may go away since this is a Facebook property. 

Likewise Google stuff will be slowly diminished as much as possible. I have yet to find a replacement for YouTube but I’m sure something will come along in time.

As well please consider yourself ditching Facebook. While this platform is a large part of our lives, their business practices do not deserve your business nor your information. Remember, if it’s free YOU are the product.

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If you looking to protect your privacy check out the Brave Browser