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August 1, 2016

The dynamic duo from Picasso's Dream, Chase VanderMaas and Anthony S. Anselmo lead you into a gripping tail of mystery spun around powerful gut punching rock themes.

Anselmo VanderMaas – Footsteps

  • Introduction
  • When You Get Back Home
  • How Much To Drop A Bomb?
  • Seasons Change
  • Double Crossed
  • Childhood Innocence
  • Giant Footsteps
  • So Happy, So Sad
  • Hey It's My Turn
  • Far From Beyond Here

Guitars/Bass/Vocals: Chase VanderMass Keyboards: Anthony S. Anselmo Additional Guitars: Derek Barlas Drums: Harald Kay Additional Musicians Acoustic Guitar: Francesco Mega (acoustic Guitar on Double Crossed) Guitar: Anna Vashneva (guitar on Giant Footsteps) Bass: George Schiessl (bass on Giant Footsteps) Drums: Steve Dauphinais (additional drums on When You Get Back Home) All songs written by Anthony S. Anselmo and Chase VanderMaas except Giant Footsteps (Anselmo/VanderMaas/Kay/Vashneva) Artwork by Cayenne Chris Conroy